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Gerald's Talking Dog Essay Contest 2014: Second Place

Gerald’s talking dog loves cherries. That’s all he talks about. This got Gerald into considerable trouble with the ASPCA as cherries can be fatally toxic to dogs.
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Gerald's Talking Dog Essay Contest 2014: Third Place

Gerald’s dog LOVES cherries; they are all he talks about. This is not necessarily a bad thing...
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Gerald's Talking Dog Essay Contest 2014: First Place

Gerald's Talking Dog loves cherries. That's all he talks about. In fact, I can't get him to shut up.
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Frankfort Film Festival, October 16 – 19,

October 16 – 19, Features 17 International Award Winning Films During Northern Michigan’s Peak Fall Color.
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Benzie Boomerangs

Two millennials who ditched the city for Northern Michigan
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Giving Back Moore

The Garden Theater receives generous donation
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Living with Tourette’s

It started with a cough. My son, Augie, just shy of 4 years old, was recovering from a cold and had a persistent cough. Weeks went by and he was still coughing. We took him to the doctor, who suggested possible allergies. He gave us a few samples…
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Go with the Flow

Improvisational Moves at Dance Benzie
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Get Away to Elberta

How to spend a day across the Betsie Bay