Otter Creek Aral Spring Betsie Current
Full-sized baby’s breath Elberta Beach Emily Cook The Betsie Current
The Platte River will have seen a record number of visitors at the end of July, according to predictions. Photo courtesy of Joe Lachowski/Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.
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A Bridge Story

Protecting bridges and saving fish on the Betsie
The Water Festival returns to Benzie County. Photo courtesy of Sarah Louisignau Wright.
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Winter and Water: Three festivals in February

Though typically winter is thought of as a time for hibernating, for many, it is the time to come out and play.
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From Beyond the Horizon: A jubilant Frankfort crowd greets the paddlers from Wisconsin

By Nancy Bissonnette Bordine They gathered on the shore of Frankfort Harbor, all eyes on the horizon. The breeze ruffling their hair was subtly chilled from traveling over the yet cold waters of Lake Michigan. The white silhouettes of three…
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Living with Fire in Northern Michigan

By Jed Jaworski Current Contributor Residents of Northern Michigan, like much of the nation, are reevaluating our long held perceptions on fire in the environment. Fire professionals, ecologists and climate experts are all telling us fire…
Blacklegged ticks carry Lyme disease. Photo courtesy of Graham Hickling.
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Look Out for Ticks, A Spreading Menace

Benzie County is home to ticks carrying Lyme disease
Captain Dave and his daughter Elle catch a brown trout in the Betsie Bay on Easter morning. Photo courtesy of Dave Rommell.
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Water Temperature Critical to What’s Biting

The first in a series about recreational outdoor activities