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Gerald’s Talking Dog Essay Contest 2015: Third Place

Diva and the Real Dog By Anne-Marie Oomen Gerald’s Talking Dog loves cherries. That’s all he talks about… Gerald. Gerald. Gerald’s Talking Dog loves cherries, all things sweet. That’s all… Diva’s shower opera echoed against wet enamel. She topped off with a rousing splash of maraschino mélange body wash. Gerald’s taaaalking Dawwwwg loves cherries. That’s […]

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From Beyond the Horizon: A jubilant Frankfort crowd greets the paddlers from Wisconsin

By Nancy Bissonnette Bordine They gathered on the shore of Frankfort Harbor, all eyes on the horizon. The breeze ruffling their hair was subtly chilled from traveling over the yet cold waters of Lake Michigan. The white silhouettes of three boats approaching the shore gave them great relief, for those boats were the guardians escorting […]