Jacob Wheeler & Jordan Bates co-editors
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The Betsie Current  Flows Again

Buoyed by citizen support, community newspaper reemerges after eight-year hiatus
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Can You Spell ‘J-O-U-R-N-A-L-I-S-M?'

Stormcloud Brewery and the Betsie Current newspaper to host April 11 adult spelling bee in Frankfort.

Bird Sighting: What To Do?

How do you identify a bird that you've seen?
Ice Rink in Arcadia, MI

Zen and the Art of Ice Rink Maintenance

It starts with the equipment- a donated John Deere snow blower, circa 1980. Who knew they made even made them? No complaints though, as she has run steadily this year- noisy, shaky and smokey, but steadily.
After setting nets at the Manitou Islands, the fish tug Good Will returns to Leland harbor.
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Sleeping Bear “Wilderness” Legislation a Potential Win-win for Park and Public

After decades of missteps, how the Park is winning over the local community Before the end of this year, Congress may approve “wilderness” legislation for the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore that — despite the implication of…
People cheering our return.

The Betsie Current Newspaper Returns

inaugural issue appearing on newsstand April 17th, 2014
W.H. Gilcher
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Mystery of the W.H. Gilcher

ship lost with all hands near the Manitou Islands
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The Lure of the Stream

Fly fishing the area’s world-class waters