The Betsie Current  Newspaper Returns

The Betsie Current Newspaper Returns

Inaugural issue appearing on newsstands April 17th, 2014.

It’s back! Or, it will be in a few short months. 11 issues (well, 12 issues, but the first one is the hype edition). Full color. Feature stories. Calendar of events. Stunning photography.

What more could you want? A brand-new website with all our content? Sure thing. You want it for free? No paywall? Sounds great.

You want more? OK… let’s see if we can’t dredge up the old stories out of the archives and give that content away for free. (This may take awhile… going to have to scan each article, turn image into text, fix all the errors, and then scan each photo in… pro tip: triple backup your stuff… in case it a> dies, b> gets stolen.)

Meanwhile, you might want to help in some way? Fabulous. We will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign in early March… if you feel so inclined, you could plan a donation into your budget.

Also, we are looking for talent: writers mainly, but we will need photos, maybe some design, perhaps some research. Check out our Contribute page for more information.

Photo of people cheering © Aubrey Ann Parker.

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Jordan Bates

2 thoughts on “The Betsie Current Newspaper Returns

  1. Glad to see you doing this. I’d like to advertise but first would like to know more about the paper. Size? Content? Distribution? Stuff like that. Have you posted this somewhere?

    Thanks, Ellie

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