Walleye: Good Eats

Walleye: Good Eats

The fishing has still been good off the piers and probably will be the rest of the summer. Trout and Salmon are caught just about every day. If you’d like to take a shot at some Walleye fishing, you can try Upper and Lower Herring lakes or Big Platte Lake.

Walleyes bite readily, are generally concentrated in schools, put up a dogged fight when hooked, and are unexcelled in eating qualities. Although many techniques have been developed to catch them, there are only a few basic facts that must be retained by the successful angler.

  • Walleyes tend to congregate in schools; therefore when you catch one it is likely that there are others in the same spot or vicinity.
  • Except on rare occasions, Walleyes are found on the bottom of the lake, so the odds are with you if you keep your bait on or very near the bottom.
  • The primary food of Walleyes is fish, and your bait should be, or closely resemble,a live fish. (4) Walleyes feed primarily during the evening and night hours so you can expect the best results after the sun goes down.

I hope your fishing will be fun and that you make memories that will last a lifetime.

-Captain Anonymous

This article was originally published during the summer of 2005.

Find out more about fishing for walleye in Benzie County here:

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