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Websites and traffic go together like fish and water. They just do not make sense without each other. Fortunately, there are tools to leverage your traffic to make money, or to pay money to gain traffic.

Levering Traffic for Cents with Adsense

You have a lot* of traffic coming to your website(s). Why not leverage that traffic and make a few bucks off of it? Let us do a quick Pro / Cons list.


  • Ads are ugly.
  • Ads “steal” your traffic.
  • Ads are from competitors looking to steal your customers/readers.
  • Ads can be filtered/tailor to remove some competitors which reduces adsense profit.
  • Ads require a lot of traffic.


  • Ads make you (some) money.

PRO Honorable Mention 

  • Provides a service to your visitors.

If you can handle ads that may be ugly and take visitors away, but make you money, then Adsense is a great choice. Get started today.

How Google Adsense Works

Google Adsense tool creates ads that are placed on your website. When a visitor click on this advertisement you earn money, or each 1,000 times an advertisement shows you earn money.

You might earn $0.10 per click, or $1 for 1,000 views of the ads. If you have 50,000 pageviews a month, you might earn $100 from Adsense a month. (Results vary, of course, as do click-through-rates, as does the price Google will pay you.) Once you have made $100, Google will cut you a check.

Ads can be tailored to remove competitors, however these are typically the best sources of clicks as they relate to your content. Custom design the look, size, and feel to produce ads that fit with your content and theme. 

Adsense makes sense for websites with a healthy amount of traffic.  If you don’t have the traffic, Adsense is unlikely to produce results for you. Get started today.



*(What is alot?)

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