SEO Services

SEO Packages

The Minimalist
A little bit can go a long way. We research the keywords that your site should focus, create a strategy to for your website, and then implement it.
Estimated Pricing: $49 per page*.

The Essentials
Delving deeper we use tried-and-true organic techniques to give your site the power it needs to perform well in Search Results Pages.
Estimated Pricing: $79 per page*.

Full Website Detailing
This is some serious website jujitsu. We rework your website until it sparkles with SEO shininess. We build internal keyword-rich links, create customized tracking reporting delivered each month (via email), develop in-bound linking strategy for you, rework titles, meta-data, and content to achieve a top-notch SEO profile.

This package is a 1-year contract (renewable). Your website will be analysed quarterly to spot trends in data and updated accordingly. Specialized content can be written, or edited (if provided), to further enrich the sites content.
Estimated Pricing:  $189 per page, 1 year**.

*5 page minimum.
** 10 page minimum.

Want to Know More about SEO?

Up-to-date Optimization of Each Page

Staying up-to-date on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies is key to making sure your website is performance at its best.  No SEO company can guarantee results for any extended period of time as it is impossible to know the how and when a search engine like Google will change its search formula leaving one website in the dust, and another at the top of the page.

This is why it is important to build your website’s content with long-term strategies in mind:  great content, thoughtful articles, well-designed, and plenty of pictures and multi-media content.

Not all websites will need to embedded video, blogs, RSS feeds… but every website does need a strategy to make sure your website will perform.

Titles, meta data, densities, placement, internal keyword-rich linking

And many other strategies.  Each site has custom needs and each site will have a different optimization plan.  Regardless of what SEO tactics are used, they will be wide-ranging, industry-standard, ethical optimization practices.

Data-rich tracking of visitor characteristics.

Knowing how and why visitors are coming to your website goes beyond merely “hits” and “pageviews.”  What keywords are users using?  Where are they coming from? What keywords are getting you “Conversions?”  Tracking your visitors can give you extremely valuable information that will help you make important business decisions.

Analysis of how Google sees your website

Google Webtools extends the view of your website’s performance.  What are the top search results where your website shows up?  And of these results, which ones are people clicking on to get to your website?  Does Google see your website the way you want it to see your website?  How many Links are coming into your site?

Sitemaps, URL submission, and much more

Each website is different, and each project may require different tactics toachieve the desired performance.