Appealing because of its hardy nature, red berries, and resistance to deer, Japanese barberry is classified as an invasive species, because it spreads into nearby natural areas. But barberry also is host to Lyme-disease-carrying blacklegged ticks, which takes this invasive plant issue beyond just an ecological matter and into the realm of public health. Photo courtesy of the Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network (ISN).
Over Memorial Day Weekend, Joelle Louisignau-Dunne and Toby Dunne will kick off the summer season at Stormcloud Brewing Company’s taproom facility with their Muy Loco Tacos, a little red food truck serving street tacos, street quesadillas, and nachos. Photo courtesy of the Dunne family.
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Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach

Benzie Bus offering Nite Owl rides on Saturday, October 27, 2018 By Aubrey Ann Parker Current Editor Do you know any young people who are in a hurry to grow up? If so, warn them—adult life does not have nearly enough costume parties. Children…
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Not Just a Fishy Face: Four New Businesses Open in Honor

Village of Honor has added four new businesses and revitalized some of the older ones.
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Gerald’s Talking Dog Essay Contest 2017: First Place

Gerald's Talking Dog loves cherries. That's all he ever talks about. It wasn’t always this way, though. You see, before me, all Gerald’s Talking Dog could say was that he hated cherries.
geralds talking dog

Gerald’s Talking Dog Essay Contest 2017: Second Place

Gerald’s Talking Dog loves cherries. That’s all he ever talks about, but that wasn’t always true. He used to ride with his paws on the dashboard chattering about everything he saw. And he was so opinionated! Some days Gerald wished he’d never picked up the stray Basset Hound.
geralds talking dog

Gerald’s Talking Dog Essay Contest 2017: Third Place

Gerald’s talking dog likes cherries. It’s all he ever talks about. Gerald, that is, not the dog. “My talking dog,” Gerald says to anyone who will listen, “likes cherries. I mean, he really likes cherries.”